It’s our people that make us number one.

Our team of 67,000 employees spread across more than 100 countries serving 20 million customers a year makes us the leading tourism business in the world. Even so, this is just the beginning.

We have recently embarked on an exciting journey of development towards a more digital, connected and integrated future. In order to arrive, we need more passionate people.


Our Way of Working

The recipe for staying on top of the game.


With great freedom comes great responsibility. Our way of working is dependent on a trusting environment on all levels, at all times. It means knowing less about the decisions our people take on a daily basis or if they choose to work from home. How and where you reach your goals is basically up to you. Our belief is that mutual trust creates both speed and better decisions.


Transparency is key. We believe that when the information you share blends with the ideas of others, magic is created. In a time where we are increasingly motivated by direction and purpose, we rely on transparency. Expect meetings without closed curtains and don’t be surprised if you see Alex casually working from the Piazza.

Test and Learn

Testing and learning is a crucial element at TUI. We believe in creating a culture where new ways are encouraged and where it’s ok to fail. Being an industry leader means that we need to be first with solutions to problems our competitors haven’t even thought of yet. We need to constantly reinvent and optimise everything from our IT structure to our workspace interior. We test. We win. And we learn from our misstakes.


We create, fail, innovate and celebrate together. Every person who’s a part of TUI is just that. A part of something bigger – a team, if you like. With togetherness comes knowledge sharing, which is a core concept at TUI. We’re confident in saying that even if you’re an expert, there’s always something to learn from a colleague. Whether it’s during a meeting or a round of backgammon.

"We have gone from selling trips over the counter to quickly becoming one of the largest e-commerce companies in the Nordic region. That doesn’t happen without great people."

Alexander Huber, Managing Director TUI in the Nordics.


As an industry leader, we have a responsibility to manage our impacts on society and the environment, paving the way for sustainable tourism.

We’re proud of the positive role our industry plays around the world. Our sector accounts for ten percent of the world’s GDP and one in ten jobs globally. That being said, we also face significant challenges.

Our vision is to provide extraordinary experiences while minimising environmental impact, respecting culture and people and bringing economic benefits to communities.

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