It’s all about balance

Many different components come together to create what we call life. Work being one of them. We want to help in making your life run smoothly and help you to be the very best version of yourself. Why talk about work-life balance when, let’s be honest, work is a pretty big chunk of life? At TUI, we choose to simply call it “life balance”.

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Shaping the future of travel
isn't a walk in the park,
yet sometimes it is.


Working at TUI comes with plenty of extras.


We’re in it for the long run and pave the way for you to continually develop. With 40 hours of dedicated learning per year, coaching, inspiring TUI talks and challenging tasks we’ll keep you thirsty for knowledge. Studied economics? Cool, would you like to learn how to write code?



Being the world’s leading tourism business is not only pretty cool, it also means loads of career opportunities. With work spaces across the globe and 67,000 colleagues waiting to get to know you, you’re in for a treat.


After a hard day’s work, it’s nice to switch off. If no one is up for a game of cards or trying to beat the pinball high score, every so often we arrange entertaining events and awesome (not our own words) house parties and after-work sessions.

Isaac and The Soul Company playing at TUI Innovation day.
Isaac and The Soul Company playing at TUI Innovation day.


Creating, breaking and re-making the rules of the industry can be exhausting at times. By providing a gym, fitness classes, great food, meditation areas and flexible hours we’ll help you stay energised.


There are more places to explore than our work spaces. So why not treat yourself to that employee discount on TUI holidays? We’ll give you scope to take your dream vacation, whatever it may be.

A Glimpse of the TUI Life

Learning events & House parties

A full-day event where we come together. Expect to leave excited for the future. Digital Safaris and Innovation Days.


We need to prepare for the future, today. During our Hackathon we use our collective powers of innovation with a creative boot camp.


TUI Nordic’s own version of “TED Talks”. Experts from numerous exciting fields drop in and break it down for us.


Kind of like New York Marathon except that it’s a slightly shorter distance and everybody wins.

Product Exploration Tour

It’s no secret that we have a pretty great product, and it’s easier to tell others about it if you have seen it yourself. Go and explore the world and familiarise yourself with our broad product range. 

Master Classes

Our passionate colleagues pass on some serious knowledge and give you heaps of inspiration and learning. Part of the 40 hours of education to choose from.

Townhall Talks

Our Piazza is not only a co-working space, café and hangout. It’s also a place where we give you updates on what’s going on inside and outside TUI. All in the name of transparency.

TUI Wellness

Take a break from the screen. Hit our gym, join a spinning class or focus on your breathing for a while in the meditation area.

Global 360

The world is an interesting place. Pack your bags and work at one of our other amazing work spaces for a while. Paris anyone?

TUI in the Nordics

You'll find us at prime locations in the heart of the city.

“I firmly believe that to stay motivated and keep on growing one needs to be given room to constantly learn and develop. That’s the foundation of our workplace. What’s your passion? What direction would you like your career to take? You decide”

Charlotte WWiebe, Director HR, Workplace & Service

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